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CDP and Warwick District Council have endeavoured to include the general public, local businesses and other interested parties in the development of the Creative Quarter. Here are details of how we are doing this.

The Stakeholder Forum

The  Stakeholder Forum Group was established in 2018 and was expanded to include a number of new members in September 2020. They meet in line with key project milestones, as set out by the Creative Quarter Team.  Forum Members have agreed to contribute to workshops, requests for feedback and requests for information. They will also promote the Creative Quarter where possible while acting as a ‘critical friend’. Members represent various creative communities in the town along with organisations such as The Coventry & Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership and University of Warwick

The Stakeholder Forum is invited to comment on proposals/ the master plan prior to the release of these documents into the public domain (though it will not be able to enforce any proposed changes).

The Stakeholder Forum has agreed on a representative to attend Board meetings when invited by the Creative Quarter Project Board to represent the groups’ interests and opinions.

The group is committed to the success of the project and seeks to be representative of Leamington’s community.

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about this group

Public Consultation

CDP was appointed as Warwick District Council’s regeneration partner following a full public procurement exercise in 2017. Since then we have been working with the Council and developed The Big Picture Plan for the Creative Quarter in March 2019 following a 12-month consultation.

The first rounds of consultation were undertaken in December 2018  to January 2019 to inform The Big Picture included: 

  • Local Business and Community Forums
  • Leamington Business Forum
  • Creative and Digital Business Forum
  • Stakeholder Forum
  • Online Consultation Questionnaire
  • Drop-in days at local businesses
  • Static displays for public viewing
  • Social media and digital callouts for feedback
  • Feedback facility on the Leamington Creative Quarter website

Since the production of The Big Picture, we have carried out further consultation with the Stakeholder Forum and our creative neighbours who already call Spencer Yard home.  

Details of comments and responses are available LSCQ Customer feedback FINAL


Spencer Yard & United Reform Church Project

Further consultation was completed virtually during Oct – Dec 2020 to review the proposed Spencer Yard and United Reform Church proposals.  This formed the basis of a planning proposal submitted to WDC and planning approval was given in June 2021.  Works have now started on the first project of the Creative Quarter.   We have shared the responses to the feedback received during this consultation.  We received a number of comments of a similar nature and these have been grouped accordingly.  Please see the document link below


Please visit Frequently Asked Questions for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.